Ways Exzie Is Delivering The Future Of Entertainment

The entertainment of the 90s was not the same as the 2000/2010 era, and even the latter was not like the decade after. No doubt, there has been a good level of improvement. However, many possibilities have not been explored. Possibilities that can bring about ways of creating and delivering creative content in ways never imagined. In this article, we will look at some of the emerging innovations and technologies, how Exzie will use them to shape the world of entertainment even further, and how the future of entertainment will look like at the ends of Exzie.

Streaming: Exzie will provide a streaming platform that runs on Blockchain to deliver entertainment content in a way that content owners can keep a track of the audience and earnings of their content in real-time. No doubt streaming has become a major driver behind the rapid growth of the music and film industry as streaming service providers like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max are currently pushing the frontiers in this area. Exzie however, has research ongoing that will enable it to deliver streaming services in a way that will send competitors out of the market in less than a year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Exzie will be strongly implementing Algorithms to deliver personalized content to users. Exzie will also through the use of AI, provide content creators with an environment that helps them design, plan, and create content in ways that are cost-effective and unique.

Blockchain: Transparency and privacy are key concerns in the Entertainment industry. Exzie will be using Blockchain to solve these challenges and many other such challenges being faced by the sector locally and globally. For instance, Exzie will solve problems associated with ownership and intellectual property rights through ownership blocks and also by tracking a piece of content through dedicated IP across multiple channels. Exzie will solve challenges faced by artists. For instance, Exzie can make funds easily accessible to up-and-coming artists for the production of their song or album by giving fans a chance to invest in the work of their favorite artist and also share in the royalty from such work. It will also eliminate middlemen in the supply chain through direct-to-consumer D2C relationships between creators and their fans thereby increasing the revenue share of the creators. Through its smart contracts blockchain will also make sharing of revenue fairer based on predetermined agreements.

Augment Reality and Virtual Reality (AR and VR): There is no doubt that the future of entertainment is an immersive experience that completely pulls a viewer into a new world that feels as real as possible while engaging all the senses. The technology that will be implemented by Exzie will make this possible by implementing the duo of AR and VR in many of its service delivery. The application of AR and VR will completely flip traditional entertainment on its head by allowing the audience to have a share in the action. Take for instance in a concert fans throughout the world that may not be able to make it to the venue of a live event can still get a front-row experience through VR for a fraction of the price of physical admission. Combining this with AR will add an additional layer of realism such as an animated effect of fireworks going off on stage, changes in the environment, and weather can be felt as if you were there live in the venue.

5G Connectivity: This will be the backbone that will bring about the realization of implementing technologies mentioned above. The impact of 5G in entertainment as delivered by Exzie will be felt heavily starting from 2022 when mass adoption of the platform and its technology like VR, AR, and cloud leads it to go mainstream. Due to its fast speed, low latency, and reliable connection, it will enable Exzie to create new entertainment experiences that audiences can feel through the use of haptic suits as if they were in the place of action. It will also bring new alternatives to content streaming, live events, enable remote production, and narrow the gap between physical and digital experience. More bandwidth also means more valuable content that will likely attract more users and boost revenue in the entertainment sector for all those

There you have some of the changes Exzie will be bringing to the global Entertainment scene, now and into the future. This disruption will create new waves of innovations, uncover new ways of making money, create new stars and completely reshape the future of entertainment. In conclusion, since change is inevitable. It is a must for anyone who wants to benefit from the value chain of the entertainment industry to take notice of these changes and find a way to position themselves in order to benefit from this mind-blowing shift. Because with every change, winners and losers will always emerge.

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