In this chat, Dipo Adagbada, the serial entrepreneur from Nigeria, who has been the CEO of Exzie since inception sheds light on the new business model and the investor-user reception of the new use case.

Question:- Hi Dipo, good to have you. I will go straight to the point. A…

The entertainment of the 90s was not the same as the 2000/2010 era, and even the latter was not like the decade after. No doubt, there has been a good level of improvement. However, many possibilities have not been explored. Possibilities that can bring about ways of creating and delivering…

Over the past two decades, changes in entertainment are happening at such a break-neck speed, which may sometimes be very difficult to keep up with. This is a trend that will continue into the future since the only constant thing is change. …

Did you know you can actually raise funds for your creative works? Come on, this is the year 2021, and that’s a good reason to stop going about your career the old way. Exzie exposes your creative work to Entertainment Execs, some of whom are your fans.

Exzie creates a copyright lease infrastructure where Entertainment Executives can raise funds for creative content they love in exchange for royalties. The content owner stipulates the amount he/she wants to raise and the during of the lease.

Apply HERE to get your content listed on Exzie. Begin to raise funds today.

Application is free till the 30th of June

Dipo Adagbada

Serial entrepreneur

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